Johnnie Walker x Floating Canvas Company at Lakme Fashion Week W/F’18

Here’s to progress.

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With the iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man making a stop at Lakme Fashion Week W/F’18, the challenge at hand was to portray the passion for progress in the most memorable way possible.

Enter textile artist Isha Pimpalkhare and visual artist Sajid Wajid Shaikh.

Made of Fire by Isha Pimpalkhare

Progress never comes easy. It demands grit, talent, time. And more importantly, a burning desire to stay true to one’s vision all the way. This is the journey that Isha  - with her passion for textiles and sustainability - has tried to capture through a technique she has evolved over the years. Created with a time-intensive process involving stitching, heating and treating, this intricate confluence of colours, threads and fabric is a testimony to craft, vision and the pursuit of progress.

For more on Isha and her work, click here.

The First Stride by Sajid Wajid Shaikh

Every significant journey begins with a stride. So it goes with the journey of progress too. For Sajid, progression isn’t an alternative but the most fundamental aspect of his artistic self. As long as he’s in motion, the artist within seeks new planes, discovers new dimensions and breaks new ground. And it all begins with that first stride. This is what made the Striding Man an ideal canvas for him to portray his passion for progress.

For more on Sajid and his work, click here.

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