Weekend Art Digest: Vol. 2

Hand-picked content from the world of art for your weekend reading and viewing.

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As the Sohrai Khovar folk mural art of Jharkhand receives the Geographical Indication (GI) tag, here's an article from the archives of The Hindu that talks about its origins, evolution and enduring charm.


'Art doesn't need glamour. Glamour needs art.': Designer Duro Olowu talks to Artnet News about his highly successful foray into the art world, and what fashion brands must do to pull off successful art collaborations.


In Artsy, Alina Cohen takes a detailed look at the wildly popular art of Takashi Murakami that stretches across a diverse set of media, genres, industries and collaborations.


'Greetings from Isolation' is a capsule collection film project by Canadian veteran film programmer Stacey Donen. Drawing upon the shared human experience of isolation under Covid-19, this fascinating experiment has invited a broad range of Canadian filmmakers to create short films across genres using their phones and personal cameras.


Before Surrealism became a thing, there was the artist Giorgio de Chirico and his mysterious yet captivating paintings of empty town squares and cityscapes. Here's a guide in ARTnews to the artist who's regarded by many as the Godfather of Surrealism.


Having a tough time getting a good night's sleep these days? This comic by Tim Peacock in The New Yorker sums up the mood in eight neat panels.

Cover image by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (CC by 2.0)

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