Fall & Rise
By Princess Pea

Fall & Rise by Princess Pea. Orientation: Portrait Dimensions: in x in (W x H). Medium and Material: . Theme: . Style: . Recommended space: Living Room. Colour: Brown. Purchase orders shipped worldwide. Subscription orders currently shipped to 10 cities in India.

Fall & Rise

By Princess Pea


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Wooden sculpture toy

Edition of 500

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Fall & Rise is the first in the series of The Pea Family Toys. Each toy is conceptualised as a work of art, a miniature sculpture that is made with great attention to detail by award-winning Etikopakka artisans from coastal Andhra Pradesh, India.

The toys mark the first extension of the artist’s iconic character, Princess Pea, who champions the values and rights of the girl child in India. Challenging our conception of what constitutes femininity and womanhood, these miniature wooden sculptures remind us to confront issues surrounding women's identity in today's society.

Each limited edition 'Fall & Rise' toy collapses down when pushed from underneath but bounces back when released, embodying the resilience of the Indian girl child.

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Princess Pea

About The Artist

Princess Pea is an anonymous Indian artist whose work investigates notions of gender identity and the self. Drawing from a variety of influences including literature, mythology, crafts, contemporary politics and society, she is best known for her deeply evocative and collaborative performances and sculptural practice. Representing strong feminist messages and made in collaboration with traditional Etikopakka artisans from coastal Andhra Pradesh, her series of miniature wooden sculptures have been widely popular and have contributed to the revival of the age-old toy making art form. Princess Pea’s work has been featured by leading platforms including India Art Fair, Art Dubai as well as galleries around the world. She currently lives and works in Gurugram, India.