Bringing art to Lakme Fashion Week SR’19

Three exciting artists. And their take on fashion.

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As art partners for Lakme Fashion Week SR’19, we had a great opportunity to bring to the fore works of artists who count fashion as one of their major inspirations. Here’s a look at what we put together!

Dana & Peta by Aaquib Wani

Dana (Warp) and Peta (Weft) are terms for the two basic components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric. In Guru Granth Sahib, many shabads in Gurbani use the metaphor of Dana and Peta to describe the state where our soul imbibes into the Almighty. A metaphor that encapsulates the basic dichotomy of life, its reimagining here is contemporary yet timeless and just as relevant. 

Dana and Peta

Dana and Peta

Dana and Peta

About the artist: Aaquib Wani is an experiential designer and art director based in New Delhi combining traditional graphic design elements with fashion, art, and styling to create incredibly unique visuals. With an experience of over 12 years, Aaquib began a design studio under his name in April 2018, in which he focuses on unique projects ranging from branding, art direction, installations, to designing custom jackets. His recent collaboration with Levi's was showcased at the Levi's 501 Day.  

SKINNED by Rhea Gupte

SKINNED explores the beauty of being bare. Without an external layer which society and at times we define ourselves by, this series creates a parallel between humans and the photographed subjects. In an age where appearances are a formidable part of one's being, be it on social media or in real life, the series attempts to create an emotional dialogue into understanding each other at a deeper level by having inanimate objects discard their outer layer to reveal their bare selves.



About the artist: Rhea Gupte is a visual artist, photographer, creative director and writer. Rhea’s work has been part of exhibitions in India, Germany, Israel, Australia and has been commissioned by numerous clients and publications in India and abroad. The aspect of having an emotional connect with the viewer, being a storyteller and starting a conversation are important to her work. Be it through human subjects or inanimate objects, she often finds her thought process rooted in feelings and forming an emotive dialogue.  

Laced by SAGE

The sneaker culture has exploded and how. What used to be a niche interest till a few years back has become a massive mainstream rage. From the thrill of walking into a small store tucked in an alley and discovering an iconic pair, it’s now all about ‘hypebeasts’, ultra-limited editions, online experts and resellers looking to cash in on all the craze. It’s the ultimate style statement and everyone wants a bite. Everyone. And at any cost.




About the artist: SAGE is a visual artist who considers Hip Hop and street culture as his two biggest sources of inspiration. A former advertising professional, he is the co-creator of OZO Apparel, one of India’s first streetwear brands and also the Co-Founder and Chief Curator of Floating Canvas Company. 

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