Lego Treatment
By Arvind Sundar

Lego Treatment by Arvind Sundar. Product category: Painting. Orientation: Square Dimensions: 10in x 10in (W x H). Certified Authentic. Medium and Material: Ink, Acrylic & Collage on Canvas Board. Theme: Architecture, Technology. Style: Geometric, Minimal, Contemporary. Recommended space: Living Room, Bedroom, Lounge, Lobby, Clubhouse, Conference Room. Colour: Black, Yellow. Purchase orders shipped worldwide. Subscription orders currently shipped to 10 cities in India.

Lego Treatment

By Arvind Sundar


10 inches x 10 inches (WxH)
Ink, Acrylic & Collage on Canvas Board
Certified Authentic

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Arvind Sundar

About The Artist

Arvind Sundar entered the world of art when he encountered Jackson Pollock’s ‘Autumn Rhythm’ while on a trip to the USA post his graduation. And he hasn’t paused ever since. An alumnus of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Cincinnati, Arvind primarily draws inspiration from three movements in art history: Russian Constructivism, Minimalism and Indian Tantric Paintings. His current practice revolves around the exploration of grids and geometry. In a world dominated by grids - from the stock market and Google Maps to architecture, city planning and the very screens that we keep staring at endlessly - he is a storyteller with the grid as his primary vocabulary. Arvind’s works have been exhibited extensively in India, USA and UAE. He currently teaches art in Loyola College, Chennai.