Solo Flight

By Janil Gada

Solo Flight by Janil Gada. Product category: Digital Art/Photograph. Orientation: Portrait Dimensions: A5, A4, A3, A2. Frame options: Unframed, Wooden Black, Wooden White, Wooden Pine, Canvas Wrap. Theme: Architecture, Places, Urban. Style: Contemporary. Recommended space: Living Room, Bedroom, Lounge, Lobby, Clubhouse, Conference Room. Colour: White, Black. Purchase orders shipped worldwide. Subscription orders currently shipped to 10 cities in India.

Solo Flight

By Janil Gada



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Janil Gada

About The Artist

Left to himself, Janil wouldn’t mind being on the road every single day of the year. Having honed his skills at the National Institute of Photography, he is always in search of that perfect wide landscape shot. It’s a quest that has taken him from the stark stretches of Ladakh to the coast of South Africa. And he’s still not done looking. His current favourite photographers are Michael Shainblum, Jan Erik Waider and Lukas Furlan. He’s based in Mumbai where he works as an Art Director.