The right wall art goes a long way in setting the tone and personality of a space. Get started by choosing from our curated collection of paintings, digital art, photographs and mixed media artworks.


Tastes evolve over time. That’s why our subscriptions come with Free Switches which you earn along the way. Feel like replacing that artwork in your living room with something else from our collection? Do it. For free!


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Want to go ahead and buy an artwork from our collection? Yes, you can do that too! You also have the option to convert your ongoing subscriptions into purchases at special rates. So start off with a subscription, experience and explore as much as you want, and when you find the perfect artwork for your space - go ahead and make it yours.



Nothing moves millions like a mural done right. From transforming an entire school to helping a small studio make a grand statement, we are always up for turning big blank walls into inspiring works of art.

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& Exhibitions

Not everyone makes it to the galleries to look at the work of artists. So we try and bring art to where everyone is instead. Be it coworking spaces, corporate offices or a public park, every space has the potential to be turned into a gallery.

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Bringing together unexplored venues, exciting artists and path-breaking ideas is our objective behind executing art-based events. Not only do they expose people to the various possibilities that art holds but also help spark conversations around art in general.

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Our Approach

Concept + Curation

Be it a boardroom that needs some art frames or a public installation in the city centre, we understand your requirement, craft the concept and curate the right artists.


Every concept is only as good as the way it finally turns out. So from planning every stage to bringing the project to life, we are there all the way.


Every project is the result of a lot of love, care and hard work. So we do our best to share it with the whole world. From videos to photography, we take this bit very seriously.

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