Subscription T&C

Tenure Policy:

Your subscription will have a lock-in period which is determined by the tenure you choose while subscribing to a product.

In case you decide to close the subscription before the end of the chosen tenure, you will have to inform us 15 calendar days prior to the closure date chosen by you. In this case, the difference between the actual tenure subscription amount and the initial tenure subscription amount will have to be paid along with any additional charges applicable.

Guide to calculating premature closure charges:

Within 3 months 3 months’ rental + Cancellation Fee of Rs. 500

3 months to 1 year (1 year tenure rate - Chosen tenure rate) * Months of usage + Refundable Deposit

1 year to 2 years (1 year tenure rate - Chosen tenure rate) * Months of usage

2 years to 3 years (2 year tenure rate - 3 year tenure rate) * Months of usage

Should you choose to continue availing of our services beyond the end of your tenure, you can do so by informing us 15 calendar days prior to the end of the tenure. We will help you set up a new subscription with the tenure of your choice. However, we reserve the right to deny renewal of subscription on any product/s subscribed.

Payment Policy:

You can subscribe to a product by paying the refundable deposit applicable to it. Your Subscription Period starts from the day the subscribed product/s are delivered to your premises.

The billing or payment cycle is the first of every month by default. In case you want to change it to a quarterly or a half-yearly cycle (which come with discounts for bulk payment) you can do so while completing your subscription process or from the user dashboard later. For further information on how each cycle works out, click here.

If you fail to pay the Subscription Charges by the 10th of that month then a Late Fee of Rs. 250 will be levied per subscribed product.

If the Subscription Charges along with the Late Fee are not paid by the end of that month then we have the right to collect the applicable subscribed products from your premises.

Delivery and Pick-up Policy:

Currently we offer our services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Goa, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kochi. Here's a list of all pincodes where we deliver. For delivery, you need to be present at the delivery address at the agreed date and time. Failure of delivery in the first attempt due to your absence might incur additional delivery charges.

For pick-up, you will need to intimate us at least 15 calendar days prior to the pick-up date post which it will be scheduled at a mutually agreed time.

You need to be present at the pick-up address at the scheduled time. Our representatives will conduct a Quality Check on the spot to assess damage, if any.

Switch Policy:

  • You earn a free switch every six months of the subscription period.

  • There needs to be a gap of at least six months between availing two switches on the same product.

  • If the monthly payment of your chosen product is up to 20% more than your existing subscription, you get a free switch.

  • If the monthly payment of your chosen product is less than your existing subscription, you can still go for the switch (absolutely free) but your monthly payment will stay unchanged. And the same monthly payment will be used to calculate your free switch price band (up to monthly payment + 20% extra) when you go for a switch the next time.

  • If the monthly payment of your chosen product is greater than 20% of your existing subscription, the applicable balance will be added to your subsequent payments (depending on your cycle) and your subsequent ‘free switch price band’ updated as per your revised payment.

  • The refundable deposit of your new product will be added to your next bill. The refundable deposit of the product that you return will be refunded after all the necessary Quality Check  (and deductions, if any) is done at our end.

Damage Policy:

In case of any damage, loss or theft of subscribed product/s regardless of cause or fault, you will inform us of the same at the earliest.

Upon inspecting the nature of damage, we will exercise sole discretion to determine the charges to be levied on you. In case of minor damages, the chargeable amount will be deducted from your refundable deposit.

In case you happen to receive a damaged product upon delivery, you have a 24-hour window to raise a ticket under the ‘Support’ section of your user dashboard along with photos of the damaged product. Upon assessing your case, we will try to ship you a replacement as soon as possible. Your Subscription Period will begin only when you receive the replacement product.

Refund Policy:

The refund amount will depend on the final QC report post pick-up as well as outstanding dues, if any.

Transfer of the final amount to the account provided by you will be initiated via NEFT/RTGS within 10 working days.


We reserve the right to cancel orders partially or completely without prior intimation. In case such a scenario arises, transfer of the entire refundable deposit will be initiated via NEFT within 7 working days.

We shall have the sole discretion to alter Terms of Use and other Policies of the Platform. We shall endeavour to notify the Customer of any changes made to Terms of Use and/or Policies as soon as possible.


When you place an order on this website, it constitutes as a binding act whereby (i) all terms and conditions set out in the above policies shall become legally binding on you, and (ii) this agreement shall be deemed to have been negotiated, entered into and executed between you and the Company.